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Here's what you can expect inside

  • 150 Premium Themes and Plugins
  • One Very Low Price
  • Use Them In Client Work
  • Resell and Giveaway Rights
  • Satisfaction Guarantee!


WP Premium Vault is the perfect collection of resources for anyone who is building and launching online ventures of any kind. You get everything you would ever need in a single well organized platform without having to spend thousands of dollars or wasting your time

John Thornhill - Simple Traffic Solutions

A great platform and collection of Wordpress plugins and themes than any online marketer should have in his arsenal of resources. I must admit I would have saved thousands if this would have appeared earlier.

Adrian Isfan - XLeads360

As an serial online entrepreneur and site creator I use Wordpress almost every month to build a new business or for my ongoing projects. This is probably one of the best organized and efficient collection of plugins and themes that I’ve seen. Everything you could need is in there.

Stoica Sdr - Video Marketing Blaster

I have to say that I’m impressed with the incredible job that Shelley and Sorin did with this platform. If you want to save a ton of money and time in your online businesses than this is definitely for you.

Petru Iacob - Audiencer

Most of the times I use Wordpress to build my websites so you can imagine that I was excited to check the WP Premium Vault. I could not believe that I can get access to so many themes and plugins on which otherwise I would have to pay hundreds or even thousands.

Daniel Taylor - PLR Database



That Usually Cost $67 Up - Some Themes Go For as High as $197.

So Before I Go On To Tell You About This Jaw Dropping Elite Package...

Let me tell you...
We use Wordpress a LOT in our business. In fact, we build between 10 and 30 new sites a year, and every one of them is built on the Wordpress platform. I spent a lot of money on premium themes and a lot of time on free ones.

Then someone offered me one of their premium themes, and I thought .... "Wait a minute...."

Can I Do That?

It turns out... yes

WordPress was released with a special Gneral Public License that allows distribution. 

The developer of Wordpress has declared that any themes and plugins that are built for Wordpress must pass on the same special license. This means that any software that needs the wordpress platform to run must also be released under the special license.  We've paid for the themes, and we've got the rights to use and sell these themes, and we can also pass on those rights to you!  License included!! 

So the bottom line is, you can download these AND you can SELL them, use them for client's, do whatever you want- you just can't claim copyright!



Here's What's Included In WP Premium Vault

100 Premium Themes

Pick your jaw up off the floor because we aren't kidding!

In this package you are going to get a total of 100 premium themes that other people pay minumum $67 for just 1! 
These are not "run of the mill" either. These are well known developers with well known and sought after themes.


  • ProteusThemes "Adrenaline"
  • Dessign "Agency Responsive"
  • Elegant Themes "Aggregate"
  • Graph Paper Press "Albedo"
  • Elegant Themes "eGallery"
  • CSSIgniter "Amaryllis"
  • Dessign "Border Grid"
  • Obox Themes "Ambition"
  • Contempo WP "Ample"
  • Elegant Themes "eGamer"
  • Elegant Themes eGamer
  • CSSIgniter "Business3ree"
  • Elegant Themes "Business Card"
  • AppThemes "Clipper"
  • AppThemes "Hirebee"
  • ProteusThemes "ConsultPress"
  • Dessign "Architekt Responsive"
  • CSSIgniter "Andros"
  • Dessign "Bold Mag"
  • ThemeZilla "Artiste"
  • Elegant Themes "Bold"
  • Pro Theme Design "Broadsheet"
  • Elegant Themes "DelicateNews"
  • Business Portfolio "Awesome" theme
  • Obox Themes "Azione"
  • Dessign "Base Responsive"
  • Dessign "Base Responsive"
  • Proteus Theme "Bolt"
  • Elegant Themes "Basic"
  • Elmastudio "Baylys"
  • CSSIgniter "Beaute"
  • Dessign "Base Responsive"
  • Proteus Theme "Bolt"
  • Elegant Themes "Basic"
  • Elmastudio "Baylys"
  • CSSIgniter "Beaute"
  • Dessign "Business Press"
  • Themify "Bizco"
  • Dessign "BizDev"
  • CSSIgniter "BusinessTwo"
  • Elmastudio "Black Walnut"
  • CSSIgniter "Blockchain"
  • Elmastudio "Bugis"
  • Themify "Blogfolio"
  • Dessign "Blogger"
  • Themify "Bloggie"
  • Dessign "Blogging"
  • Dessign "Blogg"
  • Elegant Themes "BlueMist"
  • Elegant Themes "BlueSky"
  • Elmastudio "Werkstatt"
  • Obox Themes "Capital"
  • Elegant Themes "Chameleon"
  • Elegant Themes "Cherry Truffle"
  • Graph Paper Press "Chromatic"
  • Elegant Themes "Cion"
  • Dessign "Circles Blog"
  • Dessign "Circles"
  • ThemeZilla "Classica"
  • AppThemes "ClassiPress"
  • Dessign "Clean Blog"
  • ZigzagPress "Cinch"Theme
  • Dessign "Clean Folio"
  • Obox Themes "Cleansale"
  • CSSIgniter "Coastline"
  • Elmastudio "Cocoa
  • Elegant Themes "ColdStone"
  • Dessign "Complex"
  • Elegant Themes "Convertible"
  • Graph Paper Press "Cooperative"
  • CSSIgniter "Corner"
  • Dessign "Corporate"
  • Dessign "Corporat"
  • CSSIgniter "Cousteau"
  • CSSIgniter "Cousteau Pro"
  • Dessign "Creative Blog"
  • Dessign "Creative Design"
  • Dessign "Creative Portfolio"
  • Dessign "Creator Responsive"
  • CSSIgniter "Aegean Resort"
  • CSSIgniter "Carbone"
  • CSSIgniter "Philoxenia"
  • Dessign "Cube Responsive"
  • Elegant Themes "DailyNotes"
  • Elegant Themes "DeepFocus"
  • Obox Themes "Department"
  • Obox Themes "Depth"
  • Design "Agency"
  • Dessign "Designer Magazine Responsive"
  • Dessign "Design Studio Responsive"
  • Dessign "Agency Responsive"
  • Elegant Themes "Deviant"
  • Dessign "Digital Mag Responsive "
  • WPMU "DEV Directory"
  • Dessign "Display Media Responsive"
  • Elegant "Themes Divi"
  • CSSIgniter "Doberman"
  • CSSIgniter "Dolce"
  • Obox "Themes Done Deal"
  • Dessign "Double Grid Responsive"
  • Obox "Themes Dynamo"

50 Premium Plugins

Oh yes- we are not finished yet! We have ALSO included 50 premium plugins. That's right... FIFTY! 
Again all downloads are plugins that people often pay big dollars for! You can now get them for a single low 1 time price! 

These are all plugins that we would use ourselves in our own businesses, and we know you are going to be shocked by the value! 


  • AB Theme Testing
    The WPMU DEV AB Theme Testing WordPress Plugin allows you to compare two or more themes with Google Analytics to find the best performance regarding conversions, bounce rates and pageviews.

  • Add Existing Users
    The WPMU DEV Add Existing Users plugin allows you to bulk add existing users from an entire network and determine their roles.

  • Add New Users
    The WPMU DEV Add New Users plugin allows you to add new users to your WordPress site in bulk.

  • Admin Ads
    The Admin Ads WordPress Plugin by WPMU DEV allows you to display ads in the dashboard of all your multisite network sites.

  • Admin Help Content
    The WPMU DEV Admin Help Content Plugin allows you to remove, change or add content in the WordPress help drop-down menu.

  • Ad Sharing
    The WPMU DEV Ad Sharing plugin allows you to share ad revenues of your WordPress Site or Multisite with your users.

  • Ad Widget
    The WPMU DEV Ad Widget WordPress Plugin creates ads that are displayed to specific groups of visitors or subscribers.

  • Reports
    The WPMU DEV Reports plugin gives you transparency on what is going on on your WordPress site by creating and displaying post, page and comment activity reports - per site or per user.

  • Anti-Splog
    The Anti-Splog WordPress Plugin by WPMU DEV stops spam blogs on WordPress multisite and BuddyPress.

  • Bookly Recurring "Appointments"
    Bookly Recurring Appointments add-on allows to create automatically repeated bookings at a custom repeat interval.

  • AudioIgniter lets you create music playlists and embed them in your WordPress posts, pages or custom post types and serve your audio content in style!

  • AudioIgniter Pro
    Pro add-ons for AudioIgniter.

  • Autoblog
    The WPMU DEV Autoblog plugin allows your to automatically generate new posts on your WordPress blog from the entries in an RSS Feed.

  • Automessage
    The WPMU DEV Automessage WordPress Plugin allows you to send custom automated welcome emails for several days after a user joins your site or network.

  • Avatars
    The WPMU DEV Avatars plugin allows allows Multisite users to upload, manage and share avatars.

  • Batch Create
    The WPMU DEV Batch Create WordPress Plugin allows you to create hundreds and thousands of sites and users by simply uploading a csv or xls file.

  • Blog Activity
    The Blog Activity WordPress Plugin by WPMU DEV allows you to show blog updates, pots and comments for your multisite network.

  • Blogs Directory
    The WPMU Blogs Directory Plugin allows you to create automated, searchable site list and blog directory for Multisite and BuddyPress.

  • Blogs Widget
    Show recently updated blogs across your site, with avatars, through this handy widget

  • Blog Templates
    The WPMU DEV New Blog Templates plugin lets you use existing sites to create a catalog of templates and improves site creation on multisite.

  • Blog and User Creator
    The WPMU DEV Blog and User Creator WordPress Plugin allows you to batch create new blogs and users including passwords, URLs, titles and more.

  • Elegant Themes Bloom
    The Bloom WordPress Plugin Bloom is an Opt-In E-Mail Subscription tool allowing you to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers.

  • BuddyPress "Group Calendar"
    The BuddyPress Group Calendar WordPress Plugin by WPMU DEV allows you to share upcoming group events on your BuddyPress site.

  • CoursePress Pro
    The CoursePress Pro WordPress plugin from WPMUDEV allows your to create and deliver complete e-learning courses with bold media content, interactive questions, forums, chat and assessments.

  • BuddyPress "Hide Widgets"
    Adds the ability to choose which Buddypress widgets should only be available to the main site.
  • BuddyPress "Activity Plus"
    The WPMU DEV BuddyPress Activity Plus WordPress Plugin allows you to add image, video and link sharing features to your BuddyPress Site's activity feed.

  • BuddyPress "Group Email"
    The BuddyPress Group Email WordPress Plugin by WPMU DEV gives group admins or moderators a way to send emails to all members of a group at once.

  • BuddyPress "Multilingual"
    BuddyPress Multilingual.

  • Builder "AB Image"
    The Themify Builder AB Image Addon lets you compare two images side by side - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Audio"
    The Themify Builder Audio Addon lets you create an elegant audio playlist - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Bar Chart"
    The Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon lets you build beautiful and colorful bar charts - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "BG Video Slider"
    The Themify Builder BG Video Slider Addon lets you display multiple videos as row background and helps you speed up page loading times by buffering large video backgrounds - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Button"
    The Themify Builder Button Addon lets you build custom designed action buttons - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Contact"
    The Themify Builder Contact Addon lets you create simple contact forms for your website - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Content Restriction"
    The Themify Builder Content Restriction Addon lets you restrict modules and rows for specific user roles - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Counter"
    The Themify Builder Counter Addon lets you show numbers on your site in a creative and interactive way - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Countdown"
    The Themify Builder Countdown Addon lets you choose any date and time, with the ability to place a countdown timer on any row on your site, showing the number of years, and the specific number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "FitText"
    The Themify Builder FitText Addon lets you auto fit text in the container - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Image Pro"
    The Themify Builder Image Pro Addon lets you display cool image effects with overlay animation - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Infinite Background"
    The Themify Builder Infinite Background Addon allows you to set infinite scrolling row background image either horizontally or vertically - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Infinite Posts"
    The Themify Builder Infinite Posts Addon allows you to display posts in infinite scrolling on parallax, grid, or list view; set the post type, categories, order, limit, and even layout of how to display your posts; show more posts, either with a "Load More" button, infinite scroll, or pagination - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Maps Pro"
    The Themify Builder Maps Pro Addon allows you to insert Google Maps with multiple location markers with custom icons, tooltip text, and various map styles - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Masked Image"
    A Builder addon to mask images in any shape with a SVG or PNG file. It requires to use with the latest version of any Themify theme or the Themify Builder plugin.

  • Builder "Pointers"
    The Themify Builder Pointers Addon allows you to create tooltip-like pointers on any image - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Pricing Table"
    The Themify Builder Pricing Table Addon allows you to increase conversions on your site with pricing tables - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Progress Bar"
    The Themify Builder Progress Bar Addon allows you to create animated progress bars based on percentages - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Slider Pro"
    The Themify Builder Slider Pro Addon allows you to make animated sliders with many transition effects - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Slideshow"
    Builder Slideshow is an addon to use with the latest Themify theme or Themify Builder plugin. It converts the Builder layout into a slideshow. Each slide can have a different effects (select slide effect in Builder row options) - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Tiles"
    The Themify Builder Tiles Addon allows you to make flippable Tiles like Windows 8 Metro layouts - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

  • Builder "Timeline"
    The Themify Builder Timeline Addon allows you to display content in a timeline-styled layouts - requires Themify Builder WordPress Plugin!

​Wow - Can You Believe The Value Here?

Each one of these themes and plugins has been acquired by our team and we've paid for the opportunity to download them. We then paid our team to upload them all individually and tested them for usability.

They've been downloaded directly from the manufacturer, and are unaltered.

Further, we are providing a depository from which you may download and use the files as you wish, at our cost for server space and download bandwidth. We will update files as they become available to us.

For ALL of that service, you are going to have access to the most incredible, highly enviable and sought after premium themes and plugins that are available on the internet today!

​W​hy You Must Grab WP Premium Vault Right Now!

Saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent searching for the right theme!

Like any Wordpress theme or plugin... upload and activate! Even if you have never used Wordpress before, it's the #1 most popular website platform in the world for a reason!

All of the PREMIUM themes and plugins in our depository are available elsewhere for $67 for up to $300 or even more in some cases. YOU WON'T PAY THAT IF YOU ACT NOW! 

When we say that, we mean it! This is a huge collection... it takes a lot of space on our servers. It costs us in bandwidth when our members download it. We pay staff to maintain the database, and handle customer support. We can't keep it at this price forever. So heed my words... get it now!

Unlike similar offers in the past- we are not going to SAY you can't profit from this package! It's simply not true. THE Wordpress license guarantees that we must pass on to you the same license we received.

You can take any theme or plugin in our depository and resell, give away, or use as you wish. (you can't claim copyright)

This is all GREAT news for you RIGHT THIS SECOND!

You're one of the lucky ones... you are here literally at the right place and the right time, because if you are seeing this page, that means you have an opportunity to take advantage of all of our hard work for less than the price of a SINGLE theme or plugin!

Even more.... you will have the exact same wordpress license that we have.

That means that you can...

- Use any of the themes or plugins on any of your own sites.

- Use any of the themes or plugins as many times as you want on as many sites as you want

- Install any of the themes and plugins on 1 or 1000,000,000 client sites

- Charge for any services including installing, editing, or otherwise distributing the files.

- Pass on the license with any theme you give away.

​So Who Wants 150+ Premium Themes and Plugins


If you offer website services to clients then WPPREMIUMVAULT is a virtual bonanza for you. You're going to pay 1 price for the vault, and you can charge your customers whatever you want to install the theme or plugin on their site!


If you are an affiliate marketer, then you know how valuable a bonus is. I've been using Premium themes and plugins as bonuses for years! How do you think we make so many leadreboards? Bonuses work!


We all know “the money is in the list” right? The hardest thing is thinking of a lead magnet that someone will think is worth handing over their email address for! Offer them some premium themes and plugins and watch your list GROW!


If you build your own websites, or plan to have a website in the future, you are not going to find a better deal. It's not JUST about the themes... premium themes are awesome.... BUT you are ALSO getting PREMIUM PLUGINS! All sites need plugins to extend the functionality of a site. It's pretty rare that a theme does everything you want it to do, and that's where plugins come in. Popups, scarcity bars, seo and more... these are like little perks for your site!


If you are blown away by the value here, you are not alone!

BUT we've added even more to our members area.

You may not know Wordpress in and out like some people. After all, most of us aren't Wordpress developers! That's why we've INCLUDED step by step beginner and advanced WordPress training right in the members area for you!

This means you will be able to get started with your Wordpress site, right out of the gate and the self learning video modules will walk you through every area of the Wordpress software.

And if you act RIGHT NOW.



Discover how John went from a Production Line Factory Worker to a 5 Million Dollar Online Marketer by creating products to sell. 

Having your own product is a critical piece of the Internet Marketing formula. It also happens to be the thing that most people struggle with the most! 

John Thornhill broke the code years ago, and was able to leave his factory job, has earned millions online and has since gone on to treat his techniques to other marketers. 

He boasts students like Omar Martin, Michael Cheney, Steven Alvey, Shreya Bannergee and of course... Shelley Penney. 

This workshop is 100% FREE for members of WP Premium Vault.

Bonus #1 - WP SUPPORT BOT (VALUE $97)

​The chat window greets visitors with a simple message. Visitors simply type their message into the box and the chat window replies automatically. Now at this point, I need to be completely honest. Although the chat bot is "smart" because it replies by analyzing the question, it is not "intelligent". Indeed it's not yet possible to provide truly intelligent software, even with a top of the range multi-million dollar computer.

Bonus #​2 - ​WP RSS PRO (VALUE $97)

​Here's An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs. Are you currently adding "self-updating content" to your blog posts? If not, then you are missing out on some really amazing benefits. To include "self-updating content" in your blogs, you take an "RSS feed" published by another website and add it to your own blog posts (usually at the end of the post).

Bonus #​​3 - ​​WP SHIELD (VALUE $97)

​Here's An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs. Are you currently adding "self-updating content" to your blog posts? If not, then you are missing out on some really amazing benefits. To include "self-updating content" in your blogs, you take an "RSS feed" published by another website and add it to your own blog posts (usually at the end of the post).

Bonus #​​​4 - ​​​WP EMPIRE BUILDER (VALUE $97)

​If you are a business owner, an affiliate marketer, an SEO expert, a site flipper or an offline consultant, you will LOVE this baby. This is the world's fastest way to deploy WordPress sites and it's going to CHANGE the way you do business online, forever

Bonus #​​​5 - ​​​WP EMPIRE BUILDER (VALUE $97)

​This is a great way to get your website viewers to see your upcoming posts / to get visitors to return to your site / to get more sign ups for your newsletter or RSS feed. Lots of options, including show “x” number of posts which are in draft, which are set to be published at a later date – or a combination of both.



Once the product is downloaded, we will repair or replace any files that prove defective due to an error on our part. )please see full refund policy in footer)


How Many Files Can I Get At A Time? 

For the launch week just 10, but after the launch we will lift the restriction. After that, download up to 100 files per week.

Is it legal to give these files away?

Yes- we have been very careful to curate only 100% of themes released under the special GPL license, which means they can be redistributed even by you, as long as you too pass on the license.  

I see registration request or update notice?

The registration is not required and the WordPress item will work without registration exactly the same way as with registration. Just like the update notifications these dialogs are implemented by the developers as a service for their customers who have paid for a support license. 

When you see a notice of update, check your membership to see if it's been updated. If not, send us a support message. We do all updates once a month.

Explain the license.

1 - May I use those themes/plugins on my own unlimited personal domains/sites?
2 - If so, will I be able to (re)sell/flip those sites?
3 - Will I be allowed to sell to my clients websites created using those themes/plugins?
(sort of unlimited dev.lic)

YES to all of the above! Video explanation in member area- but basically you can do anything with them except you may not claim copyright, or restrict someone else's access to the same license.

I Have More Questions.

Please contact our support desk.


We have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

  • During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded, we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part. We do not refund once you begin downloading. (please see full guarantee linked in footer)

Are the themes 'unlocked'?

We tested every theme and plugin in the collection, but it really is a huge collection and some issues may have slipped through. IF YOU DOWNLOAD A PLUGIN OR THEME AND CAN NOT USE IT BECAUSE IT REQUESTS A LICENSE KEY, let us know and we will replace this file with a different theme or plugin that does not require a key. 

Alternatively, you may find some information online about how to invalidate license requests, but we won't alter ant theme or plugin ourselves for any reason. We think it is important that you can trust us to not alter the themes, but deliver them exactly as we got them.


What IF wordpress does another update, and something stops working? 

We will be updating the themes and plugins as we get update notifications. If the developer stops updating their theme, retires it, or we no longer have access, we will let you know both by email, and in the members area. 

Can I check who the developer of the theme is?

Yes. EVERY theme and plugin has been uploaded individually, so you can download only the ones you think you will use, AND we have included previews from the developer's site above every download link so you know who created it, and you can read the description, and where available, see a demo.

How often are updates?

We don't have control over when developers send updates, however we will provide updates, as we have them, up to one year (April 1st 2020). After this, if you are using a theme that requires an update, contact us and we will send you an update if there is one available that we can access.