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What Does The Elite Gold
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Module #1: 50 Premium Woocommerce Plugins

Module #2: 50 Premium Wordpress Plugins

Module #3: 120 Premium Wordpress Themes

120 Premium Wordpress Themes

  • WooCommerce Arcade
  • WooCommerce Bookshop
  • WooCommerce Galleria
  • WooCommerce Homestore Storefront
  • WooCommerce Outlet Storefront
  • WooCommerce Petshop Storefront
  • WooCommerce Pharmacy Storefront
  • WooCommerce Proshop Storefront
  • WooCommerce Stationery Storefront
  • WooCommerce ​Toyshop Storefront 
  • WooThemes Ambience 
  • WooThemes Antisocial
  • WooThemes Apply
  • WooThemes Argentum
  • WooThemes Athena
  • WooThemes BigEasy
  • Themes Bizniz
  • WooThemes Canvas
  • WP ZoomMonte
  • WooThemes Currents
  • WooThemes Definition
  • WooThemes Duo
  • WooThemes Exposure 
  • WooThemes Funki
  • WPZoom Reel
  • WooThemes For The Cause
  • WooThemes Foreword Thinking
  • WooThemes Fresh Folio
  • WooThemes Function
  • WooThemes Geometric
  • WooThemes Gotham News
  • WooThemes Groovy Blog
  • WooThemes Groovy Photo
  • WooThemes Hub
  • WooThemes Hustle
  • WooThemes Kaboodle
  • WooThemes Maximize
  • WooThemes Memorable
  • WooThemes Merchant
  • WooThemes Mortar 
  • WooThemes Mystile 
  • WooThemes Myweblog 
  • WooThemes Newsport
  • WooThemes NewsPress
  • WooThemes Olya
  • WooThemes On Topic
  • WooThemes Papercut
  • WooThemes Peddlar
  • WooThemes Pixelpress
  • WooThemes Productum
  • WooThemes Proudfolio
  • WooThemes Resort
  • WooThemes Royalle
  • WooThemes Scrollider
  • WooThemes Shelf Life
  • WooThemes Show Off
  • WooThemes Simplicity
  • WooThemes Slanted
  • WooThemes SMPL
  • WooThemes Sophisticated Folio
  • WooThemes Statua
  • WooThemes Stitched
  • WooThemes Suite and Tie
  • WooThemes Superstore
  • WooThemes The One Pager
  • WooThemes Thick
  • WooThemes Unite 
  • Elegant eStore
  • WooThemes Upstart
  • WooThemes VibrantCMS
  • WooThemes Whitelight
  • ​Wordpress Twenty Nineteen
  • ​Elegant Themes Fable
  • CSSIgniter Memories
  • CSSIgniter Kontrol
  • Elmastudio  Hawea
  • CSSIgniter Hugo
  • Themeisle LawyeriaX
  • Graph Paper Press Composition
  • Themify Grido
  • Obox Themes Jumbo
  • Pro Theme Design Carmack
  • StudioPress Expose Pro
  • CSSIgniter Femme
  • WPZOOM Alpha
  • WPZOOM Angle
  • WPZOOM Balance
  • WPZOOM Capital
  • WPZOOM Chronicle 
  • WPZOOM Compass
  • WPZOOM Delicio
  • WPZOOM Diamond
  • WPZOOM Discovery
  • WPZOOM Domino
  • WPZOOM Eclipse
  • WPZOOM Energy
  • WPZOOM Erudito
  • WPZOOM Expedition
  • WPZOOM Foodica
  • WPZOOM Gazeti
  • WPZOOM Indigo
  • WPZOOM Glow
  • WPZOOM Zigzag Press Awaken
  • WPZOOM Foxy
  • ​Graph Paper Press Immense
  • WPZOOM InStyle
  • ThemeIsle Girly
  • WPZOOM Edmin
  • WPZOOM Flexible
  • Themes Foundation
  • WPZOOM Elemin
  • WPZOOM Crystal
  • WPZOOM Extra
  • Paper Press Emporia
  • WPZOOM Folo
  • WPZOOM Hernán
  • WPZOOM Garnish
  • WPZOOM Evolution

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During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded,

we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part.

(please see full guarantee linked in footer)


How Many Files Can I Get At A Time? 

Because downloading files uses a huge amount of bandwidth on our server, we want to be fair to everyone and shelter our server assets. That is why we are offering 2 options for your downloading.

The first option will be to allow you 10 downloads per 7 days..
We are supporting many hundreds of members. In order to prevent the massive strain on our servers of everyone downloading everything all at once, we have to put a cap on downloads.

If you want a higher download limit, you can choose the second option. It costs a little more, but we are confident you won't mind paying for the ability to get MORE in a shorter period of time!

Is it legal to give these files away?

Yes- we have been very careful to curate only 100% GPL themes. GPL themes are ones that are released under the GPL License- which means they can be redistributed even by you, as long as you too pass on the GPL license.  

Do We Provide Updates?

When themes expire we will do our best to update them as soon as the file becomes available to us. We may not always be able to get an update, but we will do our best to. 

I Have More Questions.

Please contact our support desk. https://www.youdemyplr.com/support

Two Download Limit Option

Because downloading files uses a huge amount of bandwidth on our server, we want to be fair to everyone and shelter our server assets. That is why we are offering 2 options for your downloading.

#1- 10 Files per 7 days

#2- 25 downloads per 7 days 

Do you provide support for every theme and plugin?
If we can help, we will, but we are not offering to support every plugin. We do provide links to the themes and plugins, so if you come across an issue with any of the downloads and you can't figure it out with a search, we recommend you pay for support from the theme developer.

Are the themes 'unlocked'?

We tried to test every theme and plugin in the collection, but it really is a huge collection and some issues may have slipped through. IF YOU DOWNLOAD A PLUGIN OR THEME AND CAN NOT USE IT BECAUSE IT REQUESTS A LICENSE KEY, let us know and we will replace this file with a different theme or plugin that does not require a key. 

Alternatively, you may find some information online about how to invalidate license requests, but we won't alter ant theme or plugin ourselves for any reason. We think it is important that you can trust us to not alter the themes, but deliver them exactly as we got them.

Can I Get A Refund?

Please review our full refund policy linked in the footer. Once you download a file, we will not give a refund. We will, however, work with you to make sure the files are working, or replace the theme or plugin with a different one. 

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