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Dear Online Marketer And Online Business Owner

As someone who works online and builds websites and online business using Wordpress you constantly need to adapt and create the right type of platform for your own business needs and your clients.

The Problem is that in order to do that you need to always find new efiicient business plugins depending on the online business that you want to create.

Wordpress is constantly changing and so do the tools and resources that you need to use to customize the websites that you build with it.

Here's Why This Matters To You

As an Online Business Owner & Site Creator

You build a new online business by starting with the foundation and that means creating the website to fit the type of business you run: affiliate marketing, ecommerce,

membership site or other type of businesses.
And the easiest way to do that RIGHT NOW is using Wordpress, a platform which is very easy but very efficient, but WITHOUT having to buy a ton of new business plugins every time & every month…

Good News, I’m Revealing How You Can Do That Right Now:

The WP VIP Business Vault

It's no coincidence that one of the newest and fastest-growing markets for internet entrepreneurs is Wordpress and everything related to it. People all around the world are looking to get their websites and online businesses created fast, efficient and cheap and the solution for that is Wordpress.

An important part of using Wordpress is having the right tools to customize each site as you want and this...well this always changes, and new plugins appear every month!

Using the right themes and plugins with new technologies implemented allows you to create absolutely any type of website or online business that you want. You can start from something as simple as a portfolio website and go as far as building e-commerce or affiliate marketing businesses.

If you hire a freelancer to create your website than most likely he will use Wordpress and he will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for simply doing something that you can do yourself.

But There's a...


For you to constantly stay on top of your game in business you need to buy new exclusive business plugins and that can be a real pain and hurdle.

After installing wordpress you have to find the right plugins for your business so that your website is fully functionable with all the options you want.

Face it, this can take you time because you need to do research for new themes and plugins but it can also cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process because you will have to spend money on these premium business plugins.

Selling exclusive business plugins is a lucrative business for lots of developers and websites.

--- and they make thousands per month with it ---

Most sites or companies sell wordpress business plugins for at least 45$ a piece and they sell hundreds of of them.

This is why most online entrepreneurs will chose the path of hiring a freelancer to create their wordpress website for their new online business.

J. Lo taught us that “Love don’t cost a thing”…

But Building An Online Business With Wordpress Does...

Look How Much People Usually Charge
For An Business Plugin

Now, You Can Get Instant Access to Your Own VIP Business Vault Of NEW Premium Plugins

  • No more hours spent on doing research.
  • No need for investing thousands of dollars every month in premium plugins for your online business
  • No settleing for low quality cheap plugins or themes
  • No more money spent on freelancers or developers.

You see, Wordpress is an Open Source platform and so are most of the Premium Plugins that you find out there.

All BIG agencies and developers out there which are creating plugins all the time and sell them to online entrepreneurs for a TON of Money actually have to make their code open to the public.

Would You Be Interested in getting Permanent Access to Your Own Wordpress VIP Business Vault

of NEW Premium Plugins that these agencies
and developers charge BIG BUCKS for?

What if you could bypass the system and have an access at a DFY VIP Business Wordpress Vault of Premium Plugins Today?

You’re probably thinking that it all sounds great, but unfortunately, a lot of the products which are offered out there are not of the highest quality…

Or maybe you’ve purchased business plugins in the past and been disappointed with what you received…

I know I have bought some tools in the past and that was VERY disappointing.
In fact, a lot of the new plugins out there are absolute rubbish and hurt your business more than help it…

So basically, we have solved this problem and created a VIP Vault where you get instant access to a collection of 96+ of some of the most EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS Plugins from the world which otherwise would cost you thousands of dollars & 10 New Themes and 10 New Plugins every month so you never have to worry again about looking for new tools and buying them


The Wordpress VIP Business Vault

Huge VIP Business Vault of 96+ Wordpress EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS Plugins with NEW TOOLS added every month!

  • 9 Insights And Tracking Plugins (You will need this for any type of business so you can optimize it better)
  • 36 Affiliate Marketing Plugins (Build your own affiliate marketing business from scartch)
  • 19 Online School And Online Courses Business Plugins (You are an expert or you have clients who sell digital information products? Than these are perfect for your business)
  • 28 Membership Plugins To Create The Perfect Membership Business (Start your very own membership site and build a reccuring income business )
  • 7 Plugins For Product Launches (You want to launch your own products and businesses. These will be perfect for your marketing strategies and to put together a successful product launch)
  • Can be used on as many sites as you want
  • Flexibility: Two Payment Options to get instant access to this collection
  • Build your own business from scratch
  • Use for your own websites or your client’s websites
  • New Business Themes & Plugins Every Month

Here's Exactly What You Get in This

Huge Collection Of Wordpress
Exclusive Business Plugins

​Here Are Some Ideas Of What To Do

With These New Exclusive Business Plugins

  • Create your own Online Businesses from scratch using Wordpress
  • Use them to customize or improve your existing online businesses.
  • Use them to develop projects and websites for your clients.
  • Transform or repurpose your existing sites.
  • Create and sell DFY online business websites

You Won't Find an Offer Like This Anywhere Else!

Look, we don't care if you use our VIP Business VAULT to create your own sites, businesses or use them in projects of your clients. You can do it anyway you like and use it as a DFY business or use it in your business.

You Have Two Choices At This Point…

Option #1

Create Your Own Site From Scratch And Buy Expensive Business Plugins Every Month

Although there’s nothing wrong with creating your own site for your business with additional costs, it can be extremely time-consuming or expensive if you decide to outsource everything or do it by yourself…

It can easily take 100 hours or more to create a site, find the right theme, the right plugins, and get it all online… And that’s if you know what you’re doing!

If you decided to outsource the project like most marketers & online entrepreneurs, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for site creation, hundreds of dollars for expertly themes, and hundreds of dollars for plugins…

The cost to create a high-quality site customized with everything you want can easily go up to $2,000…

Not to mention the fact that you will still have to pay maybe even hundreds of dollars every month to be up to date with the newest themes & plugins. That is if you truly want sites which are attractive and functional at the same time.

Option #2

Invest in This Wonderful Collection...

You get a professionally created, up-to- date platform, well researched, which gives you access to the best and most efficient business plugins...every month!

No spending weeks researching, creating or waiting for your contractors to finish the site…

You can be live as soon as you click the button below, and for MUCH, MUCH less than what you’d spend if you outsourced the whole thing…

And The Best Benefit is that you will have access all the time at NEW POWERFUL EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS Themes & Plugins!

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Each one of these themes and plugins has been acquired by our team and we've paid for the opportunity to download them. We then paid our team to upload them all individually and tested them for usability.

They've been downloaded directly from the manufacturer, and are unaltered.

Further, we are providing a depository from which you may download and use the files as you wish, at our cost for server space and download bandwidth. We will update files as they become available to us.

For ALL of that service, you are going to have access to the most incredible, highly enviable and sought after premium themes and plugins that are available on the internet today!

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WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs.  

The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor's eyes.

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During the Guarantee Period, once the file is downloaded,we will repair or replace, at no charge, any files that prove defective due to an error on our part.

(please see full guarantee linked in footer) 

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How Many Files Can I Get At A Time? 

Because downloading files uses a huge amount of bandwidth on our server, we want to be fair to everyone and shelter our server assets. That is why we are offering 2 options for your downloading.

The first option will be to allow you 10 downloads per 7 days..

We are supporting many hundreds of members. In order to prevent the massive strain on our servers of everyone downloading everything all at once, we have to put a cap on downloads.

If you want a higher download limit, you can choose the second option. It costs a little more, but we are confident you won't mind paying for the ability to get MORE in a shorter period of time!

Is it legal to give these files away?

Yes- we have been very careful to curate only 100% GPL themes. GPL themes are ones that are released under the GPL License- which means they can be redistributed even by you, as long as you too pass on the GPL license.  

Do We Provide Updates?

When themes expire we will do our best to update them as soon as the file becomes available to us. We may not always be able to get an update, but we will do our best to. 

I Have More Questions.

Please contact our support desk.

Two Download Limit Option

Because downloading files uses a huge amount of bandwidth on our server, we want to be fair to everyone and shelter our server assets. That is why we are offering 2 options for your downloading.

#1- 10 Files per 7 days

#2- 25 downloads per 7 days 

Do you provide support for every theme and plugin?

If we can help, we will, but we are not offering to support every plugin. We do provide links to the themes and plugins, so if you come across an issue with any of the downloads and you can't figure it out with a search, we recommend you pay for support from the theme developer.

Are the themes 'unlocked'?

We tried to test every theme and plugin in the collection, but it really is a huge collection and some issues may have slipped through. IF YOU DOWNLOAD A PLUGIN OR THEME AND CAN NOT USE IT BECAUSE IT REQUESTS A LICENSE KEY, let us know and we will replace this file with a different theme or plugin that does not require a key. 

Alternatively, you may find some information online about how to invalidate license requests, but we won't alter ant theme or plugin ourselves for any reason. We think it is important that you can trust us to not alter the themes, but deliver them exactly as we got them.

Can I Get A Refund?

Please review our full refund policy linked in the footer. Once you download a file, we will not give a refund. We will, however, work with you to make sure the files are working, or replace the theme or plugin with a different one. 

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